Abstraction p.2

According to an article in Discover magazine, Dr. Barbara Shipman, a mathematician at the University of Rochester in New York, has found a possible relationship between the structure of the ’dance” the bee uses to communicate the direction and nature of food resources and the geometries of six-dimensional mathematical abstractions known as flag manifolds. The varieties of the bees’ dances, and the way they change shape and direction in a seemingly discontinuous manner, maps onto two-dimensional cross-sections of the six-dimensional flag manifold model.

As a mathematician (and beekeeper), Dr. Shipman knew that flag manifold descriptions were used in quantum mechanical theory, and bees have been shown to respond to nuclear magnetic resonance events. She is now working with biologists to test the hypothesis that bees can perceive quantum events directly and somehow perform the integration/translation into bee-useful information.

And the Discover article concludes: “Physicists have theorized that quarks are constantly popping up in the vacuum of empty space. This is possible because the vacuum is pervaded by something called the zero-point energy field in which on average no particles exist, but which can have local fluctuations that cause quarks to blink in and out of existence. Shipman believes that bees might sense these fleeting quarks, and use them – somehow – to create the complex and peculiar structure of their dance.

“Now here’s the rub. The flag manifold geometry is an abstraction. It is useful in describing quarks not as the single coherent object physicists can measure in the real world, but as unobserved quantum fields. Once a physicist tries to detect a quark – by bombarding it with another particle in a high-energy accelerator – the flag manifold geometry is lost. If bees are using quarks as a script for their dance, they must be able to observe the quarks not as single coherent objects but as quantum fields. If Shipman’s hunch is correct and bees are able to touch the quantum world of quarks without breaking it, not only would it shake up the field of biology, but physicists would be forced to reinterpret quantum mechanics as well.”

The bee is somehow able to observe the quark without breaking the superposition of states and reducing them to a single reality. From an energetic viewpoint, it is able to observe without effect because it introduces no additional entropy into the quark event to push it over the threshold into reality.

The bee is the symbolic animal of the Naqshbandi Order of Sufis, my own affiliation. It apparently has this amazing ability – to know the mind of God in all humility, without interfering with the generation of reality according to the Divine Will.


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  1. Fascinating. The bee was the symbolic animal of the Celts and many other Europeans as well. “I am the hive of every holt” is used to describe that the bee was sacred to the great Goddess. I would love for them to discover that bees sense quantum fields. Thanks for posting this!

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